Ben Lingwood

AWS re:Invent Roundup

The anticipation of AWS re:Invent could not have been higher, and those who attended in person or virtually were inundated with another deluge of updates at the event last week.  Looking through our SAP-tinted lenses at Lemongrass, here’s a quick summary of some of the more interesting updates: Compute: As is now tradition, re:Invent saw

SAP on AWS Innovation

SAP on AWS Innovation News: September 2021

SAP on AWS Innovation News: Features, new releases, capabilities, and market updates that drive innovation and optimization into SAP-Centric workloads on AWS.

business continuity, HA, DR

The SAP Great Debate: Business Continuity

Just utter the phrase “HA/DR” in any IT forum and, without exception, you’ll get 10 different passionate views usually spanning 15+ years of technology depending on the last time the attendees touched a console. Out of all the workshops I run, this is always the one that calls on educational, technical, and UN Peacekeeper skills

Symphony IT

Symphonic IT

Orchestra symphonies to harmonizing your SAP infrastructure, Ben Lingwood talks agility, Cloud operations, and changing the tune as required.

Writing RFPs for SAP on AWS

The Black Art of Writing RFPs for SAP on AWS

In the 12 years, Lemongrass has been in existence, we’ve been through our fair share of RFP experiences. All of them however have a common flaw which is they’re never that “cloudy”.

Highlights & Innovation Updates, AWS re:Invent 2020

With re:Invent kicking off today, Andy Jassy opened up with the usual quickfire volley of platform updates and company headlines. We highlight some of the key summary areas and new release topics of interest to us in the SAP-Centric universe: