How RISE with SAP Simplifies S/4HANA Transition

How RISE with SAP Simplifies S/4HANA Transition

For enterprises running SAP ECC, transitioning to SAP S/4HANA before 2027 is both a challenge and an opportunity. As we know, migrating from older SAP systems to S/4HANA is technically complex, involving system configurations, data review and migration, and adapting custom codes within legacy systems. The adoption can disrupt business operations, potentially leading to downtime and revenue loss if incorrectly handled. Fortunately, SAP’s RISE with SAP makes this journey much easier.

RISE with SAP is designed to tackle the hurdles of migrating to S/4HANA head-on. It offers a streamlined migration path with pre-configured best practices and automated tools to optimize the process. The Cloud-based deployment reduces the need for on-premises infrastructure and accelerates innovation cycles. Managed services providers often cover the entire S/4HANA environment, including infrastructure, operations, and application management, easing the load on internal IT teams. Business process intelligence tools and analytics in RISE with SAP help optimize processes and gain valuable insights from data. Continuous updates and innovations from SAP ensure that the S/4HANA environment stays fresh and future-proof.

The migration journey can vary by scale. For small-scale industries (SMEs), the scope is simpler due to a smaller footprint and fewer customizations. SMEs can leverage RISE with SAP’s Cloud-based deployment, pre-configured best practices, and managed services to focus on their core business. A greenfield approach might be suitable for small businesses with less complex systems, avoiding the complexity of data migration from legacy systems. This approach allows for a fresh start, implementing S/4HANA without the burden of historical baggage.

True medium-scale businesses face moderately complex system landscapes, making the S/4HANA conversion more involved. They can explore hybrid deployment options, combining Cloud and on-premises components to balance existing investments and future needs. A phased migration approach minimizes disruption and manages risk, while change management support and business process optimization tools from RISE with SAP aid in the transition. This staged approach allows medium-sized enterprises to transition smoothly, addressing complexities incrementally.

Large-scale enterprises have complex system landscapes filled with customizations and integrations, making the S/4HANA transition both intricate and time-consuming. Think of it as navigating a technological maze. Every step in the process should be mapped to avoid disruption. Change management and user training programs are the guides to ensure the program stays on course. With continuous innovation and support from RISE with SAP, your S/4HANA environment stays agile and future-proof.

By leveraging RISE with SAP, organizations can navigate the challenges of S/4HANA migration and embrace the opportunities for digital transformation, innovation, and process optimization. This approach not only tackles the significant hurdles but also allows organizations to fully realize the paradigm shift towards a modern, agile, and future-proof ERP system enabled by the S/4HANA platform.

In short, if you prefer staying ahead of the technology curve and want to avoid unnecessary headaches as you approach S/4HANA, RISE with SAP is the way to go.

How Lemongrass Can Help:
As one of the globally certified and Premier RISE with SAP Partners, Lemongrass provides a proven approach to S/4HANA transformation that is secure, cost-efficient, and with near zero downtime. Our expertise in modernizing and migrating large-scale systems to RISE with SAP minimizes downtime and mitigates revenue loss. We offer a comprehensive suite of managed services, including advisory services, operate services, proprietary migration services, and innovation services focused on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Our Advisory Services provides strategic guidance on S/4HANA readiness, application compatibility, and transformation strategies, covering assessments, planning, and future state.

Lemongrass offers services like RISE+, RISE FLEX, and RISE Wrapper to ensure seamless system migrations, integration with ancillary systems, and enable Cloud-native tooling and services. Our proprietary migration services, like Lemongrass Cloud Platform with tailored methodologies, deliver efficient S/4HANA transformations, Suite on HANA conversions, and S/4HANA to S/4HANA Cloud migrations. Innovation services focus on SAP BTP, a critical component for successful SAP on Cloud strategies. With Lemongrass’s expertise and comprehensive services, enterprises can benefit from a streamlined RISE with SAP journey, leveraging Cloud-native capabilities and accelerating their digital transformation.

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